Your participation in the PAC produces real political power. Advancing the policy priorities of disability providers and the communities we serve cannot be done without demonstrating our collective commitment. If we do not advocate on behalf of people with disabilities and their support providers, we risk being further disregarded by policy makers.


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Does it make a difference?

DANYPAC is an independent political action committee formed to make candidates aware of the challenges confronting people with disabilities and those agencies providing their needed supports and services in New York State. To accomplish this objective, voluntary contributions are obtained from individuals during our annual fundraising campaign. These contributions are used to support candidates for state elected office who support the objectives of the New York State developmental disability community.

DANYAC is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated association formed solely for political purposes. DANYPAC is not affiliated with any political party, candidate, or organization. The cost of the organization, administration, and solicitation of contributions for DANYPAC is borne entirely by DANYPAC.  Copies of DANYPAC reports are filed with the New York State Board of Elections in Albany, NY.

Your contribution supports the DANYPAC which contributes funds on behalf of the disability community directly to campaigns as we present our key issues to candidates seeking state elected office. A PAC steering committee of disability leaders representing all regions of the state guides the distribution of contributions to candidates.


Print out and complete the DANY PAC Brochure, or Call  518-235-1886,

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The PAC sends a powerful message of unity on behalf of the developmental disability field. We have for too long been overshadowed by larger and better funded interests. This PAC allows us to combine the resources of thousands of concerned citizens in New York State. We need to make our presence known in state elections. By helping elect people who care about disability priorities, our message will be clearly heard by elected officials, their staff, and political leaders in Albany.

Your contribution is important to us, but we emphasize that all contributions are voluntary. Any amount given or the decision not to give will not affect your job status, performance review, compensation, or employment. Voluntary contributions may be accepted from:

* any U.S. citizen

* for-profit corporations

Contributions from tax-exempt 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporations cannot be accepted.

Any eligible corporation is limited by New York State law to contributing no more than $5,000 for all political activity during a calendar year.